TEACHER: Lyn Birginham


 CREATE YOUR MEDICINE SHIELD – 8 hrs – February 25, 2017 – $95 (9-4pm, one hour lunch)

Create your personal medicine shield as an honoring of your strengths. Medicine shields are a warrior’s physical representation of her or his power in the physical and spiritual realm

Things we will do in this class are:

  • Journey to the 4 directions to collect our power, accomplishments and .
  • A Medicine Shield is created on a hoop that is divided into at least 4 segments; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Some materials will be provided and you will bring symbols that will be attached to your shield.



THE LAND BETWEEN / BEING IN TRANSITION – 2 Days – March 25 & 26 – $195 (9-4pm, one hour lunch)

The place we have come to NOW and before the next is the Land Between. The place between two times where we release what was. We offer a give-away in gratitude for its gifts. We give it back to the Universe so that it neither haunts us nor defines us. This place we are in now has work to be done. We are about being pregnant. Before, we were pregnant with another being, another life, another energy. Now we are pregnant with ourselves. What contract would you want to make now? What creations would you like to express now? The time in this Land Between is sacred. It is not a stopping place, but a pause. A time for creating our medicine shield to remind us of our strengths and what brings us joy. What is next in our life will come from this place.

Things we will do in this class are:

  • Release what was and offer a give-away in gratitude for its gifts
  • Write a new contract
  • Write your own medicine story


CREATE YOUR OWN DIVINATION SYSTEM  – TBD – $65 (10-3pm, one hour lunch)

Divination is part of a shaman’s offering to society. From bone divination to Runes, each system, of which there are many, have certain things in common. Each culture has it’s own and some are very similar to each other. We use divination to communicate with the spirit world to better understand our world

Things we will do in this class are:

  • Learn how a divination system works and understand the many forms of shamanic divination
  • Create your own using materials provided and bringing your own found objects, rocks, twigs, bones, shells, buttons, etc.
  • Work with a particular helping spirit for interpretation



CREATE A SPIRIT HOUSE – 8 hrs – TBD – $95 (9-4pm, one hour lunch)

Throughout history and cultures shamans have honored the Spirit of Place in the forests, villages, and mountain ranges of the world. These sacred spaces were created to heal those passing by. The Japanese shamans built Shinto temples for their spirits. Christians, Budhists, and Hindus create shrines to their Deities and Saints. There are times when even our own spirit or muse seems to be missing. The creation of a Spirit House is a real physical sacred place that is for honoring or calling back the Sacred whether it be inside us or outside in the form of another aspect of creation.

Things we will do in this class are:

  • Evaluate what is now needed in your life or the environment around you
  • Create with your own material and material provided this space that goes inside or outside
  • Bring it to life through ceremony