Energy Field Healing  

An advanced alternative therapy that works through the body’s energy field to heal, cleanse, and restore the body to it’s highest level of functionality. This intuitive healing session is great for releasing and healing body, mind and spirit, clearing invasive energies, karmic or ancestral wounds and patterns, and restore optimal balance.

The human bio-energy contains all the matrix templates that we need to function in our daily life. Some of these template become distorted by trauma or outdated causing distortion and blockages that eventually transform into pain or disease. In the session,  these distortion are identified released, and replaced by newer, higher level templates thus restoring balance and health.

When tuned into a specific limiting belief or traumatic memory, we find that through the use of specific sound vibrations on acupoints, meridians, and chakras it is possible to release the trauma even if it is not named. An initial session may get to the core presenting issue once the sound is applied to the body. Many people report a visceral response, a letting go, and a deep sense of emotional and physical relief that occurs rapidly. Working with sound invokes a sense of joy in people, and a rapid ability to return to center. Vibrational Therapy provide clients with a locus of control that supports their journey to health and well-being.

60 min: $122.00

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What my Clients are saying about my Healing Services

Chad Cohensen

Chad Cohensen Author


Do you ever wonder if there is something beyond the everyday realm of reality? Ever feel like you have a higher purpose, one that can’t quite be defined in the conventional sense? Is there trauma or fear within that you are working to get past? Are you simply looking to improve your quality of life? There was a time when all of the above were constant thoughts in my mind. My energy was depleted, my heart was bleeding tears through a hole that I couldn’t seemingly fill, and society seemed like a puzzle with a missing piece – I wanted to be that piece, to be connected to it, but no matter how I positioned myself, I was not the right shape. Furthermore, my creativity was suffering from all of the weight, all of the unnecessary gravity I was continually applying to myself… Then I met Veronique. With her help and guidance, I was able to remedy the elements of my being that had been tarnished, as well as unlocking aspects of both my conscious and subconscious mind that had been ignored or dormant. This empowered me to heal, to be reinvigorated creatively, to live the life I wanted, and of course, to love again. The energy work that Veronique does, in tandem with her inarguable connection to the spiritual realm, turned a man who is typically skeptical of such things into one who takes nearly nothing for granted, who sees beyond the blinders of coincidence, and who is continually working towards the primary, subconscious goal of all humanity: to realize our higher purpose in a way that is mutually beneficial for one’s self as well as the greater good. I highly recommend spending some time with Veronique if any of the above intrigues you and/or is reflexive of your life. All that is required is an open mind… or a mind that wants to be open. Words can do little justice to the healing work that Veronique does. Experience it directly. Then you’ll understand exactly what I mean, and so much more.

Ramilton Franco

Ramilton Franco L.M.T and Bowenwork Therapist

Veronique Nelson is a gifted intuitive healer who has helped me learn about my place in this universe as healer and spiritual being. Her soul awakening classes have given me the insight about the shifts that are happening in our universe and allowed me to open to my true multi-dimensional existence. Her healing sessions include deep and multi level energy work, sound therapy, chakra alignment, meditation classes and together with her spiritual guides, she has worked on unblocking my chakras and help me develop my own energetic work. Her positive energy will recharge you, the therapies will re-balance your field and take you in a state of meditative peace. All comes together to create the space for your soul to escape into a much needed healing and to help you make the necessary shifts to come into alignment with your life’s purpose.